What is Dokkio?

Dokkio is a service that helps you work with all your cloud files, regardless of which service you stored them with.  Not only can you browse and search through all your files in one place, you can also sort them into categories and tie them to meaningful business contexts like a particular Client or Project.

How does Dokkio work?

When you create a Dokkio account, Dokkio lets you pick which cloud file services to connect.  You can connect an entire file system, or just an individual folder. You can connect as many “content sources” as you want.

What services can I connect to Dokkio?

Dokkio connects with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and Gmail / Google Mail

Can Dokkio also integrate my shared drive? My email?

Dokkio adds new connectors all the time.  The most recent addition is Gmail / Google Mail.

Are you copying or moving my files?

Dokkio doesn’t copy or move your files.  They’re still in Dropbox / Drive / Box / Gmail, where they’ve always been.

What happens if I delete / rename / move a file in Dokkio?

When you delete, rename, or move a file in Dokkio, that change occurs in the underlying file repository (e.g. Dropbox/Drive/Box).

Can I move files between different cloud services?

Yes, you can use Dokkio to move files between your different file repositories.

Where are my files stored?

Your files continue to be stored in the same places they’ve always lived.  Dokkio simply provides a better way to work with them.

How can I be certain that my files are secure?

Dokkio respects the security settings and access controls that you’ve set up in your cloud accounts.  If a person can’t see a file in Dropbox/Drive/Box, they won’t be able to see it in Dokkio.

Can I customize the categories and business contexts to my business?

Yes, you can define whatever categories and business contexts you think best represent your business.  Dokkio will also suggest potential categories and business contexts; you can decide to accept or reject those suggestions.

Can I use Dokkio to share files with people outside my organization?

Yes, provided you have shared those files with those people in your underlying cloud account.  Remember, Dokkio respects your current security settings and access controls, so if you haven’t already shared files with people outside your organization, Dokkio won’t change that fact.

How do I stop sharing a file with someone?

You simply revoke that person’s access in the underlying cloud account, and Dokkio will automatically prevent them from accessing that file via Dokkio.


How much does Dokkio cost?

Right now, Dokkio is free.  You don’t even need to provide a credit card.  In the future, Dokkio will offer both a free and a more powerful paid version.